Home :: Do You Require A Skip To Resolve Your Waste Collection Problem?

Scores of home owners are today facing a crisis when it comes to getting rid of home and garden waste. Every neighbourhood now has stringent rules enforced, concerning waste collection and what the council will and won't remove. Bin men are not allowed to take away rubbish that does not fall within the allowed items, therefore lots of people discover the trash left in front of their property.

I fixed this issue by using skip hire. When you lease a skip, you can get rid of any waste that you have lying around. If you have completed renovations of your home, hire a skip and the waste will all go in there. In my case, I had given my garden a big overhaul and there was lots of bricks, old trees, junk and soil that I wanted to get rid of. I did it with my eyes shut. I called the skip organization, they showed up, I filled up skip with waste, the company returns and takes the skip away.

It seems that skip hire in Manchester has become especially popular. Word is spreading about how low-cost and useful skips can be mainly in this region. For people that have in no way hired a skip before, below are some popular questions and answers.

* How much will hiring a skip set me back?

The price is set by the sizing of the skip. The larger the skip the higher the price. Home skips commonly measure eight yards, while vast industrial skips can be as heavy as 40 yards.

* What trash is not allowed to go into a skip?

Electrical objects, typical domestic local skip hire waste and risky materials cannot be put into a skip however skip companies will co-ordinate the collection of these items by using their trucks and transporting them to the significant scrap yards.

* Where is the skip placed when I lease it?

If you do not have a driveway, then the skip business will apply to the local council for a licence allowing them to set the skip on the path outside your property. The skip will then be surrounded by cones and hazard lights so that drivers can set eyes on the skip at all times.

* I could do with some help moving the waste into the skip.

Several skip companies will also have an added service which gives you the option of hiring some man power on an hourly base. This man power will haul the trash for you.

* Do skip companies play a part in recycling?

The law ensures that all skip hire companies work a recycling plan where feasible. If you want to hire a skip organization then just ask for a copy of the recycling method first.